LIBRE DE APEGOS fue producido por KJU, uno de los productores más destacados de México en el género urbano; en esta oportunidad Héctor nos sorprende con una mixtura sonora urbana, que nos lleva por pasajes trap, cumbia, dancehall y reggaetón, logrando una fusión equilibrada con estribillos bien pegadizos y raps elaborados. La letra hace referencia a liberarnos de nuestra dependencia a lo que nos hace esclavos: apegos mentales, apegos materiales, apegos emocionales.

El video clip “Libre De Apegos” ha sido creado y realizado por Fric Martínez , adaptado por Xcorcese (Dstraperlo inc.) .

DESDE EL INFIERNO es el tercer álbum de la trilogía “Amor desde el infierno” de Héctor Guerra en México, ha sido lanzado en enero de este año bajo el sello Kasba Music y se encuentra disponible en todas las plataformas digitales.


 ...A new society, with new principles and values, a new sun that will be born in South America. The energy is moving from North to South. In the north there will be chaos, in the south RENAISSANCE. A new sunrise". HECTOR GUERRA


"U.S.A is Mexico" is a single and new video clip of his upcoming album "Desde el infierno".

The album "Desde el infierno" (From Hell) closes the trilogy that began in 2012 with "Amor"

followed in 2015 by "Gracias Por Existir".


“USA is Mexico”, is the new single by Héctor Guerra, a song that reflects the current reality of two countries, two worlds with different rules that are bound to coexist between them, even if they do not like it, a clash of cultures ... all low the point of view of a Hispano -Bolivian.


U.S.A Es México was directed by the young Mexican-American writer and film director Luis Pineda .Pineda talks about the video clip "The music video "U.S.A. is Mexico¨ was born of a syncretism between Mexican and American culture. In this case we tell the story of an Oaxacan artist who has lived in Los Angeles, California for more than 16 years. One of the more than 46 million Mexicans living in the United States is Miguel Angel a.k.a. Santito who wakes up in his neighborhood in East Los Angeles or East L.A. Then walk downtown Los Angeles or Downtown L.A. (DTLA) where Mexican culture springs from the same Californian land powdered with memories of that land so dear that left behind and to which I long to return. Santito is not considered a migrant Indian if not a full-fledged Oaxacaliforniano. Why? Because U.S.A. It is Mexico."


Musically, Guerra unites the two worlds through a Cumbia-Trap beat and lyrically does it with rhymes in Spanglish, backed by Mellow Man Ace, from Los Angeles (the first rapper to make a song in Spanglish and which is currently celebrating his 25 anniversary of the golden disc that contained the hit that catapulted him to the musical history, "Mentirosa") and Dr Shenka, vocalist of the Mexican group Panteón Rococó.

 As a finishing touch, the Scratch power of legendary Mexican Dj Aztek 732 and in theTuba arrangements Braulio Schwienstieger from Los Angeles, which he has played with Gorillaz, Joan Sebastian or Jenny Rivera.


"Desde el Infierno" will be released in January 2018 and will be distributed in Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, UK, Italy, France . 



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